The magical solution to the cold winters is here: A new sweater – that covers your entire body

Here up north, we have cold weather almost all year round, but during in winter, the thermometer often falls below 30, even if the overall weather has gotten warmer in recent years.

To put up with the cold you need to put on beanies, socks, gloves, sweaters, and jackets.

But a new piece of clothing will allow you to warm up your entire body — a “sweater” for the whole body, according to the site Twenty-two words.

Here in Seattle, it’s freezing during winter, and our fashion adapts to the conditions, you need several layers of clothing, such as long johns, wool socks, and scarfs.

Body-length knitted “sweater”

The Eastern European clothing company Dukyana has released a knitted garment, and it suits us northerners perfectly.

Sweater winter
The trumpet-shaped body warmer. Image Source: Dukyana

It’s hard to know what to call this garment, it covers the entire body from top to bottom.

The item lacks sleeves so it can’t be a sweater. The company itself calls it “Tube scarf.”

Already sold out

The garment has quickly become popular, and the fact is that the somewhat unusual “scarf” has already sold out.

You can still place orders, but expect a delivery time of about two weeks.

All body sweater
Image Source: Dukyana

Unclear Uses

It’s unclear when is the best time to wear this scarf. With sleeves missing, it’s probably a bad idea to wear it while walking, working or driving a car.

But it will keep you warm if you manage to actually use it.

If you, like any other normal human being, want to be able to use your arms, the company offers another model, which also has sleeves and pockets.

Sweater with sleeves
Image Source: Dukyana

It may not be the most beautiful piece of clothing, but it looks cozy and warm. Now press the share button and help your cold friends warm up with this article!