This tree will save Christmas for all cat owners

The third Advent is almost here! This means that the final countdown to Christmas has started.

Christmas is the favorite holiday of many Americans. You spend time with your loved ones, eat plenty of delicious food, and to top it off you get to open some presents, it hardly gets better than that.

From the first Advent onwards, you start seeing Christmas decorations on the streets, the market, even at work. It all leads to that wonderful Christmas Eve, on December 24th.

You can start decorating the Christmas tree whenever you want, little by little, as long as you make it for the special date, and the sooner you do it the faster your home will become nice and cozy. 

For cat owners, however, the decoration of the Christmas tree usually involves a few headaches. The little devils love to play with the decorations and will make quick work of the Christmas tree if left alone. But now there is a solution that can save Christmas for all cat owners.

Ladbible reports on the Christmas product that comes to the rescue of all cat owners. This Christmas tree only has branches on its upper half, so no playful little kittens can reach the decorations.

The Parasol Christmas tree

The Parasol Christmas tree is for sale at the Argos department store in the UK and costs around $27.

According to the site, “Decking the halls can be a tricky task, so make sure you only have to do it once with this 6ft parasol tree. It starts halfway up, so your perfectly placed baubles are out of reach from cats and curious kids. And, if Santa’s been extra generous, there’s plenty of room for piles of pressies underneath. It’s also a great option if you’re a tad tight for space. Easy to build, just slot the pieces together and pull the hinged branches down into place. When up and built, give the branches a quick fluffing so they look thick and full.”

Image source: Argos

Selling like hotcakes

For those feeling a bit extra fancy this Christmas, the tree comes in a white “snow-covered” version.

Image source: Argos

This ingenious tree has found success online pretty fast and has received an incredible 4.8 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers.

Finally! A peaceful time at home! And the cats will have no choice but to cuddle with you instead of playing with the tree decorations. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

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