Thug robber pulls knife on cashier, only to realize his mistake right away

If there is something that makes me happy inside my body and draws a smile on my face, it’s when people who are just being douchebags get the sweet power of karma to server them some justice.

If you commit a crime or threaten someone’s safety, you have to accept the consequences. Of course, to a reasonable level, I don’t mean lethal – but basically, life goes much better if you are kind and pleasant to others.

Someone who met a real idiot – but let him taste a bit of his own medicine – was Aaron Jacobs.

He worked at a gas station in Lenexa, Kansas. However, he had previously worked as a combat instructor for the military – and is a black belt in karate – with a total of 25 years of combat training, talk about choosing your target poorly!

A 12″ knife

One day when Aaron was behind the checkout, two men came in, reports Action News. One of them muttered that he needed some beer, fetched a six-pack and went to the till where the ex-military was working.

A big problem for this customer, who turned out to be a robber, was that he didn’t check Aaron’s background. Once at the checkout, the man pulled out a 12″ blade – most likely to threaten Jacobs into handing the cash register’s money. However, it turned out that this was not your average gas station’s cashier.


Aaron was able to act quickly, he swiftly knocked the blade out off the hands of the robber, and locked him in an armbar submission – then proceeded to bring him to the entrance of the store, where he kicked the wannabe robber out.


A Real Hero

The brave man got away with some cuts on his arm, but that wasn’t his biggest concern.

“The store was in a pretty bad shape afterward, the cigar rack was knocked over, which I was pretty worried about during the attack,” he said to Action News.

I don’t expect Aaron to get any robbers in his shop after this heroic effort! I can’t help but have a big fat smile every time I see the YouTube clip, that idiot didn’t stand a chance!

Join the 11 million people that have seen the video – and check out this amazing clip!

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I think Aaron’s deserves a lot of recognition! Talk about a strong and fearless individual! The robber got what he deserved! If you agree, please press SHARE!