You can now buy a “chocolate penis” for Valentine’s Day – with scrotum included!

Valentine’s Day has arrived, and all over the world people are making romantic gestures to show their partners that they’re special.

Many follow the traditional route and treat the one they love to a nice dinner or a romantic night in a hotel – while others think outside the box.

If you’re in the kind of relationship where you can freely joke around and be a bit lewd, you now have the possibility of sending a chocolate penis to your sweetheart, Cosmopolitan writes.

The company behind this X-rated idea goes by the similarly X-rated name Dick At Your Door. Adam Hascall founded the company in 2014, after having made penis-shaped chocolate his garage with a friend and then sending them to his friends as a hilarious prank.

9 inch chocolate dong

This lewd piece of candy is available in both white and dark chocolate. It’s 9 inches long (23 cm), has a circumference of 7 inches and weighs in at 8 ounces.

Source: Dick at your door

For 20 dollars, you can send this penis to anyone along with a hand-written card, where you can write something funny or fess up to who ordered the “package”.

Should not be used as a sex toy

The website is very clear on that fact that although it may look like a penis, it’s only meant to be eaten, since it may otherwise break.

1 dollar from each sale goes towards prostate cancer research, so it’s for a good cause – as if making people laugh wasn’t a good cause already!

Source: Dick at your door

Would you send this to someone you love or to a friend as a joke?

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