Naughty Viking: 10 idiotic trends that should be illegal in 2020

Naughty Viking: 10 idiotic trends that should be illegal in 2020

New year – new idiocy? No, it may be a little negative, but shouldn’t we make 2020 the year we finally give a damn, stop behaving like a bunch of spoiled kids and instead act with common sense, health, happiness, and reason in mind? At least that’s what I will do!

Recently, far too many people, have been working hard at spreading their hatred online, offended over the smallest details and stressing everyone around them. When you see shit like that in the distance, you wish the ground would just open up and swallow you whole.

No, this year it’s time for collective improvement! I care little for New Year’s resolutions and stuff like that, but I think we can be smarter about things. With that in mind, I have now, relying on facts and my opinions, made a list with 10 stupid habits that we must stop this new year!

stop being so
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Stop whining about small things

We are too stupid when it comes to crying over small things. Something’s price has gone up by $0.30, the plastic thing made in China doesn’t work, things are worse than back in the day – everything produces complaining and whining. It doesn’t matter how much you pout and throw a tantrum, it won’t help. Instead, focus on the good things and stop looking at everything through a microscope. It’s not the end of the world!

Enough with the “white months”

Yes, this is a trend I just can’t understand. Certainly, it’s healthy not to get drunk every weekend, but at the same time, these “white months” seem to be something that makes the practitioners feel like a Nobel price candidate. When the sober period is over – then you celebrate with 17 blackouts over the next three weeks. You see how stupid this is?!

Stop being so damn nasty

Log in to Facebook or Instagram and check out the comment section. I’m 100% sure that in seconds you will come across a bunch of threads and comments made by people I can only describe as uneducated edgy teenagers. They just have to mock, ridicule or curse at others for having an opinion. No, can we be decent human beings to each other again?!

stop being so
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Stop prematurely destroying our own bodies

If you want to stand out from the crowd today – then with a few shots of silicone here and there, lifting both face and ass and then using that ass-fat for your lips. Limits are out the window with what we can do with our own bodies nowadays. Of course, it’s a personal choice, do whatever you want – I can’t point that out enough – but please, at least think it over before putting piercings in your rectum next time, or before you get “Carpe diem” tattooed at the end of your ass-crack during a confusing birthday in Las Vegas.

Stop being so freaking stressed

It is probably more important to risk everyone’s life on the highway than to arrive 15 seconds late for work. Some people are not very smart when it comes to managing their stress levels. Stepping on the gas with max force, elbowing in public transport and pushing others away so you can get first to the recently open till in Whole Foods. That can’t be good for anyone’s health – take a deep breath! At the very least for your own sake!

Stop being so lazy

Every other human, approximately, is currently on a New Year’s resolution that only lasts for about 14 days on average. Are we really that lazy? Things might look better after you exercise for a week, but then the warm memories of you laying back on your couch doing absolutely nothing come to you like waves of nostalgia. I can bet someone said: “I’m going to be more environmentally friendly,” at 23.15 on December 31. Well, maybe you should make an effort a bit more heroic than not throwing metal cans and old batteries with the rest of the trash. Oh, they can separate clear and colored glass! Our saviors!

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Stop being a cheapskate – live here and now!

Many are champions of keeping a tight fist when it comes to spending. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m all up for savings and being responsible with money. What really gets me though, are those “friends” who go around complaining how hard life is and how they need that free meal the rest of you get to pay. Then you see their Instagram feed a week later and the douche is having a cocktail on the beach of Bali. Chossingbeggars are a plague, some even made a carrier out of their shameless lifestyle, they’re called “Influencers”.

Stop being so goddamn easily offended

Yes, I firmly believe that we should be kinder to each other in 2020. Hate is never a good thing, but come on – a joke has never killed anyone. We are so easily offended in 2019 that I can hear the slow and agonizing death of freedom of speech. The biggest trend in 2019 was to go out of your way to feel offended and expect others to fix it for you. It makes me want to vomit. Good job!

Stop being so anti-social

Do you want to appear as a total basket case that, in the general opinion, should be locked away to never see the light of day? Then try to say “hello” to someone on the bus or in the queue at the store. Yes, I understand it’s not easy – but can’t we agree to be a little bit more social? Why are we afraid to invite a neighbor over for a beer or gather your colleagues for a spontaneous and cozy dinner in a small bar? Being locked in, alone and in silence doesn’t have to be the American’s way of life.

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Stop being so negative

There are things we can’t help to feel bad about, problems here and concerns there. But what the hell? Try to see the positive in life. Is the gas for the grill running out? such a terrible thing – instead, take out the old charcoal grill that has been collecting dust ever since 2003. What a treat – the meat might even taste better. Life becomes more fun if you stop letting every little thing get in your way. In addition, there is research confirming this.

These are my suggestions for 10 things that we need to get better at in 2020. Maybe you agree, maybe not – and that’s okay.

But anyway, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful start for this new year! Hopefully, 2020 will be a big success for all of us!

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