Caring dad wears skimpy shorts – to teach teenage daughter a useful lesson

Summer fashion always leaves a lot to be desired, I think. Sandals, shorts, and a tank top look quite sloppy in my opinion, but with such nice weather, we don’t really care.

Nowadays, however, summer clothes keep shrinking in size. Tank tops leave less and less to the imagination and shorts barely cover your underwear.

As a parent, you may get worried when you see your children wearing skimpy clothes. There is, of course, different ways to handle it.

If you nag at your kinds about something, it usually ends up having the opposite effect – but this American father came with the perfect solution to handle his daughter’s new fashion choices, reports Unilad.

Summer is wonderful. Sunshine, warm weather, and vacations, you can feel the happiness in the air. However, with summer, come the new fashion trends, which nowadays seem to be a competition on who can cover the least skin.

Tiny jean shorts

One of the most trendy garments this year are jean shorts. They come as tiny as physically possible to showcase your buttocks.

Of course, what you wear is no one else’s business, but summer fashion usually becomes an obligation “to follow the trend” more than an option.

Jason Hilley, a father from Orlando, Florida, was worried about his daughter’s new shorts, which he thought were too short.

But instead of nagging at Kendall, his daughter, he came up with a completely different, and perhaps more convincing way to make the teenager realize how small the shorts actually were.

Bought his own shorts

Jason is a fun and cheerful dad that lives with his family in Florida.

But when his teenage daughter, Kendall, showed up her new, tiny jean shorts, Jason decided to get a pair for himself.

Image source: Facebook

Captured everything on video

Of course, his wife Alison managed to record the whole thing on her phone. Jason showed up in his new summer shorts at his daughter’s room. Kendall, who couldn’t believe her eyes and decide whether to laugh or cry after seeing his dad wearing the hot pants.

tiny jean shorts
Image source: Facebook

The amazing clip, posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, has been seen by almost 52 million people, all of who found the dad’s solution hilarious and heartwarming.

See the full clip below!

[arve url=”” title=”tiny jean shorts” aspect_ratio=”9:16″ /]

One can safely say that this dad knew exactly what to do to prove how small the jean shorts were!

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