Are you forgetful? Then you might be highly intelligent, according to science

Everyone forgets things from time to time. As the proverb says: “to err is human.”

Sometimes we forget to bring our lunch to work or hang our laundry at home. It’s challenging to juggle everything you need to do during the day in your mind.

However, some people would lose their head if it wasn’t attached.

If you habitually mislay things, forget names and important events, or regularly waste food by leaving it outside the fridge – worry not, because according to science, you might be a genius.

According to a new study, forgetfulness does not just have to be something negative. 

Remember that time you showed up to that important meeting without the presentation you worked all night on? Or when you got to the register with a shopping cart full of stuff without your wallet?

You can at least celebrate the fact that you are more intelligent than the average person, according to Likeswifty.

Highly intelligent

No one would expect that forgetfulness is a sign of very high intelligence, but the fact is that the people with the highest intelligence tend to forget things that the brain classifies as unnecessary details.

For example, it could be about where a specific address is located. If you forget it, it is likely that the brain downgraded the importance of that information and simply got rid of it.

Suppose you, instead, are someone who remembers everything. In that case, it can be challenging to make decisions, as the brain will have a harder time deciding what information to prioritize.

A person who forgets is more intelligent
Image source: Pxhere

Harder to classify information

The smarter you are, the better your brain is at sorting information into degrees of importance to facilitate and speed up decision making. Quite logical, in fact.

So if you forget to call back a friend or buy milk on the way home – do not despair. You can kick back and be proud that you are probably much more intelligent than those who go around remembering everything.

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