Have a look at your toes: Their length might say something interesting about yourself

The quarantine for the coronavirus goes on, but thanks to our joint efforts the spread has slowed down considerably, we are slowly getting through the worst part of the pandemic, keep strong my fellow Americans.

A good way to pass the time during the social distancing is to solve a few puzzles, riddles, or even taking a personality test to give your mind a much-needed break from all the news and updates about the pandemic.

Since ancient times, humanity has been trying to understand why different people act dissimilarly when presented with the same options. Curiosity is one of the most powerful tools we have as a species, and probably what helped us make it this far in time.

We’ve been trying for a long time to link our external attributes with our personalities – can our outer appearance affect our personality?

Whether this is true we don’t know for sure, but today there are a variety of personality tests online at our disposal.

Of course, everyone knows to take these tests with a pinch of salt, however, they are quite fun and often get things right.

Therefore, look at your feet, or rather your toes. Their length can say something about your personality!

The feet are something we rarely think about. They spend most of the time stuffed in socks and shoes. As long as they move us around, we pay no attention to their state, shape or form.

But according to the next personality test, the shape of your feet can explain something about your personality. Look at the pictures below and compare them with your foot shape – does it match your personality?

Foot A: Egyptian Foot toes

toes egyptian

If your toes look like this, then you have the so-called “Egyptian” foot. It indicates that you are full of confidence and you like luxury and indulgence. You never hesitate to treat yourself, you deserve that little extra every time.

You have a great appetite for life and are not afraid to jump into new adventures, as long as they promise a good time. You love to surround yourself with your loved ones, whom you appreciate and always try to pamper.

Foot B: Roman Foot toes

toes roman

If your first three toes are the same length, you have a “Roman” foot. You are outgoing and are always looking forward to meeting new people.

Exploring new places is a passion, and you are more than happy to travel anywhere on earth. It can be a jungle or a big city. New experiences are like a drug for you.

Foot C: Greek Foot

toes greek

This type of foot is called “Greek” foot. If you have a Greek foot, you are a natural leader and really good at inspiring others.

You are good at sports and creativity comes naturally. You can easily communicate your ideas to others and you win most arguments or debates without even raising your voice.

You are also very impulsive, which is not always a positive thing.

What foot is yours? Did the description match your personality?

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