How you clench your fist says something interesting about your personality

Ever since humanity was able to think for itself, we have been trying to answer as many questions as possible. Why do we look like we do? What led us to be like this? Do aesthetic features mean anything special? However, that last question has intrigued people the most for thousands of years.

An example of this, for example, is the old trick of predicting another person’s future by reading their palms. Of course, this type of thing should always be taken with a grain of salt, but at the same time, they are very fun to do and often get things correctly.

So now you need to make a fist and carefully look at it – the way you do it might say something about your personality.

Fist 1

hold your fist

Do you hold your fist this way? In that case, you are a driven and protective person. A natural leader that always gives 110% to reach their goals – no matter what.

People who hold their fists this way always take care of their loved ones and provide security and support to those who matter to them.

Grip 2

fist 2

If you hold your fist this way, you are an extrovert. Honesty is extremely important to you and you always show what you are feeling. You believe in yourself and have big goals and dreams that you are working hard to achieve. At the same time, you are very grateful for what you already have.

Your honesty generates mixed feelings, as some appreciate it but it also can be intimidating for others. However, you have nothing to hide and always head straight to the point.

Fist 3

hold your fist

Do you hold your fist with your thumb inside? Then you are a kind and calm soul. You are sensitive and very careful with whom you let see your vulnerable side. In a social context, you keep a fairly low profile.

But those close to you know that you are, in fact, a great person who likes to invest yourself in a company that feels safe. You have few, yet very close friends, whom you would go through fire and water for.

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