Personality Test: How do you clench your fist?

Since humans became sentient, we have been trying to solve the mystery behind our existence. Why do we look the way we do? Does it say anything about us as people?

Questions like these have riddled us since time immemorial. Fortune-tellers have made a living for generations by connecting our characteristics with our personality/future through palm reading, crystal balls, or tarot cards.

Nowadays, online personality tests are more popular. We should, of course, always take these things with a pinch of salt. However, they are still enjoyable and often get a lot of information right.

So now clench a fist and take a closer look at how it looks—it might reveal something about your personality.

Fist Number 1

Do you clench your fist this way? In that case, you are driven and protective. You are a natural leader and always give 110% to achieve your goals—no matter how impossible the task seems.

People who make a fist in this way always make sure to take care of their loved ones and do their best to create a safe environment for everyone they care for.

Fist 2

If this is how you close your fist, you are outgoing and pretty confident. Honesty is critical to you, and you never hide your feelings or mood. You believe in what you do and have big ambitions that you work hard to achieve. At the same time, you are very grateful and never give for granted what you already have.

Your honesty is a double-edged sword, as it generates appreciation from those that know you but can also seem intimidating to others. However, you have nothing to hide and always go straight to the point, no matter what.

Number 3

Do you clench your fist with your thumb inside your hand? Then you are a kind and calm soul. You are sensitive, very in touch with your feelings, and are very careful with who you let see the real you. In social contexts, you mostly keep a low profile.

But those who are close to you know that you are, in fact, a charming individual who likes to surround themselves with people that they trust. You have few but very close friends, and you would go through fire and ice for them.

Which fist is yours—and how well does it match your personality? Now press that SHARE button below and see what your friends get!