Personality test: What is the first thing you see in this picture?

Something very interesting to talk about is how people perceive things differently. It is quite intriguing to see something, form an opinion on your mind of what it is, and then ask another person what they see.

If you did that, you would probably be surprised at the result. We, humans, see different information in the same pictures, objects, paintings, etc. Things like background, memories, and visual acuity affect our interpretation of reality.

But what our eyes perceive may, according to some, say something interesting about our personality.

Of course, we should always take personality tests with a grain of salt. However, they are still quite fun to do and usually get a thing or two right.

Throughout history, humanity has investigated and philosophized about why we are the way we are.

What is the force that drives us? Can our personalities be affected by external or internal attributes? Maybe that’s why these types of tests are so popular.

What do you see?

The simple test below involves looking at a picture. The idea is that depending on what you first notice, we can deduce something about who you are as a person.

Are you prepared? Here is the picture.

the first thing you see

What was the first thing you saw in the picture? Below we reveal what it says of you as a person.

Was it a naked woman?

If the first thing you saw was a naked woman with some lingerie, you are adventurous and open as a person. New challenges and experiences are what make your life worth living.

You don’t live by any specific plan, always doing what you feel like at the moment. You are creative and can learn new things with ease.

Did you see a window?

If instead, you first saw an open window, with curtains, a bridge, and a tree, you are a thoughtful person.

You have few but very close friends, and you like to plan far in advance. You are very determined and know exactly how to reach your goals. Working hard is your motto and prefer sitting at home on the couch over going out dancing.

Did the test get your personality correctly?

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