This test could reveal something important about your personality: Which animal do you see first?

All human beings are different: looks, thoughts, backgrounds, skin, and much more. All these things shape our perception of the world, and in turn, our personality.

Some of us are outgoing, while others are introverted. No matter what personality we have, it makes us unique – if we were all the same, it would be quite dull.

The image we brought you today contains nine animals. Depending on which one you see first, we can guess your personality traits, according to Lessons learned in life.

Of course, we should take these kinds of tests with a grain of salt. They are by no means an exact science, only meant for entertainment. But I still thought it was fascinating. Take a good look at the image below.

What animal will you see first?

Image source: Lessons learned in life


The eagle is sharp and elegant. If you see the eagle first, you have excellent attention to detail. You are careful and dislike leaving things to chance. You are always open to trying new things instead of getting stuck in the same boring routine.

what animal eagle
Image source: Lessons learned in life


The butterfly represents the fragility of life. If the butterfly is the animal you see first, it means you are charming but have a sensitive and delicate soul.

different animal butterfly
Image source: Lessons learned in life


The dog – man’s best friend. Emotional, loyal, and in need of closeness. If you see a dog, you are wise and know what matters the most in life. Once you have made a decision, you stick to it no matter what.

what animal dog
Image source: Lessons learned in life


The characteristics of a mantis are precision and patience. If you see a mantis, you are determined and have no problem waiting, because you know it will be worth your time. Other people may underestimate you for keeping a low profile, but you consider that an advantage.

what animal mantis
Image source: Lessons learned in life


Crabs fascinate their surroundings with their sophisticated personality. If the crab was the first animal you saw, it indicates a smart, fierce character that never gives up. You may seem harsh on the outside, but those closest to you know that you always take good care of them.

Image source: Lessons learned in life


The wolf is a wise and somewhat mysterious creature. If this magnificent animal was the thing that first caught your attention, that means you are very protective of your loved ones. You are not afraid to take risks and enjoy new adventures. You live life your way, regardless of what society tries to tell you to do.

what animal wolf
Image source: Lessons learned in life


The horse is independent and values ​​their freedom above all else. They follow their heart without a second thought. If you saw a horse first, you are impossible to keep in check and always do things your way. At the same time, you are selfless and never hesitate to help others.

Image source: Lessons learned in life


If you saw a rooster first, you will have no problems navigating your way in most situations. You are an extrovert and have an easy time talking to people. You make people laugh easily and have no problem raising your voice if you see injustice.

what animal rooster
Image source: Lessons learned in life


The dove stands for peace and strength. If you saw the dove before the other animals, you are a calm, orderly person who rarely stresses. But at the same time, you carry a strength that gets you through adversity. Life has made you wise, and you invest a lot of time in your close relationships.

Image source: Lessons learned in life

I saw the wolf first, and it matched my personality pretty well! Press that share button and find out which animal your friends see first!