Only 1 in 5 get this simple riddle right: Figure out the fastest way to empty the bathtub!

Solving riddles is always fun. No only because you get to test your ability to think outside the box, but also because you get the opportunity to challenge the boastful people around you. I think we all want to have a bit of competition in our lives. Who’s really the smartest of the bunch?

I thought the brainteaser below was really tricky – I had to think for several minutes before finding the answer.

I’ve loved riddles and tricky puzzles ever since I was young. My middle school teacher Eva gave us a lot of tricky problems, like optical illusions and murder mysteries for kids.

It was a welcome break from our normal schoolwork – I loved to stop and really think about how to figure them out.

What Eva taught me is still with me today. I still take time out of my day to just forget about my everyday life, and sit down with a cup of tea and a crossword or a puzzle. I think we need more brain exercise in this day and age!

The riddle below has made thousands of Internet users scratch their heads in bewilderment. Can you solve it?

You have a spoon, a cup and a bucket – now what’s the fastest way to get the water out? You can only use one method!

Think about this one for a while. I don’t know how they found this out, but apparently only 1 in 5 adults get it right on the first try. So this is far from simple!

Find the answer below!

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The answer is: Pull the plug!

Sure, it wasn’t listed as an alternative – but who said that you had to use the bucket, the cup or the spoon? The fastest way to empty the tub is without a doubt to pull the plug!

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