No one can answer these riddles correctly: Can you find the solution to this tricky puzzle?

I’ve always liked riddles. My first memory them is bringing home a DuckTales comic book. It included puzzles that I had to really use my head to solve.

Even now, as a grown-up, I enjoy solving them sometimes. I usually try to liven up the cleaning days in our area by handing out a quiz that the neighbors may try to solve.

Otherwise, It’s easy for the day to get gray and sad!

Every time my children and grandchildren come to visit, I try to come up with some kind of challenge. They like those kinds of things – so I’ve bought several books with problem-solving to have fresh puzzles and riddles at my disposal!

Earlier today I heard a fantastic riddle from a close friend. It made me really scratch my head, so I looked up two more – and then shared all these with my family and neighbors. Only a few were able to solve them all. I think it was one out of six or close to that.

Exercise for the mind

Anyway, the difficulty varies between them. One is simple, the other two are a bit harder, but guessing all three correctly can get tricky. So the question is, will you succeed?

This kind of quizzes and challenges are quite the exercise for the mind, and also, quite fun!

More importantly, we’ll see how you handle these riddles!

Riddle 1

Riddles - 1

Now, don’t be hasty. If you don’t already know the answer, think for a second. Then check the solution after the picture below!

The third child is named Jane! If you don‘t understand why – read the first part of the riddle again! “Jane’s mother has 3 children”. Anna is one of them!

Riddle 2

riddles - 2

Get that brain working. Think about your answer. You can see the solution below!

The world’s highest mountain before Mount Everest was discovered – was obviously Mount Everest. The mountain was still the highest regardless of whether it was discovered yet or not.

Riddle 3

riddles - 3

Again, take your time. Think about it. Then check the solution after the picture below!

Of course, the egg came first! Dinosaurs were being born from eggs long before chickens existed!

Did you manage to guess any of the riddles? Then press that share button and send a challenge to your friends!