Most people get this wrong – but can you find all the 8’s in the picture?

Finding new puzzles and quizzes, online or in magazines, is one of my favorite things now that I’m older.

Who knows? Perhaps the way technology makes everything easy nowadays, forces us to try to find new ways to keep our brains in shape. It’s important to exercise the mind often — so we let some stress go and can relax at the end of the day.

This optical puzzle (below) made me scratch my head for a while before I found the answer!

Quizzes, games, sudoku, crosswords, optical illusions, and math problems are ways to get that brain working. Most times, you have to find details or clues — and only after finding that crucial piece, you can reach the solution.

Sometimes it’s fast and easy, and other times it takes forever to find what seems obvious.

It’s different every time, it depends on luck, your state of mind, and other factors. In any case, these kinds of challenges, which we should be doing more of, are useful to us.

Only 3 out of 10 got it right

I found this puzzle online earlier today. It’s quite simple, but try your best to get the right answer.

This picture is filled with sixes, as well as some hidden 8’s. Can you figure out how many 8’s are in the picture? Oh, and you only have 10 seconds — quite the challenge!

I sent this challenge to my colleagues, and only 3 out of 10 came with the correct number of 8s on the first try!

Okay, you have 10 seconds — how many 8’s can you find?!

How many 8's

Now let’s find out if you’re right!

According to the site Brightside, not even half of the people that try can get the correct answer — this matched the result I got from my colleagues!

The correct answer is 8, there are eight 8’s in the picture! 7 of them are between the sixes. And you have to count the big yellow 8 in the question!

Find the 8's solution

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