Can you see what’s wrong in this picture within 20 seconds?

Whether you are quick-witted or not can often seem like an innate skill. For example, some people need almost no time to devise a solution for a question or problem. In contrast, others have to think for a while before reaching the correct answer.

However, we can close the gap by training the mind, just like any other muscle. It’s a matter of daring to challenge yourself and exercise on brainteasers of various kinds.

It is fun to solve puzzles, and they are good for the brain, which is a pretty good combination.

Challenges can, of course, take many different shapes and forms. The most familiar are crosswords or sudoku, which come in most newspapers.

But if you look online, you will quickly find a plethora of exciting new puzzles.

You only have 20 seconds

You can find anything, from old riddles and math problems to backward written messages and everything in between.

The puzzle we brought you today has become very popular on social media.

The challenge is to find a mistake or error that the creator made on purpose.

It is essential to concentrate and bring out your A-game.

Can you find the error in the picture?

Here comes the challenge.

In the picture below, we can see a completely normal desk—but something in the picture is wrong.

Can you find the error in the picture? Unfortunately, you only have 20 seconds!

It is not easy, but take a good look and try your best to find the error within 20 seconds!

Below we report what is wrong with the picture.

Time to reveal the answer

Did you find the mistake? Congratulations to you in that case—below, you can double-check so that you are sure you got it right.


If you didn’t succeed, you are far from alone. Most people can’t do it under 20 seconds.

Here is the error in the picture.

There, on the almanac, you can see the mistake!

June only has 30 days, not 31 as it says in the picture!

It isn’t easy, but now that you have seen the answer, it feels so obvious!

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