Can you tell which of these women is actually a man?

Can you tell which of these women is actually a man?

Not everyone has a good eye for detail. The ones who notice the little things that most of us overlook have a clear advantage when it comes to solving puzzles.

What kind of glasses a person has, who’s birthday it is, important events, and those kinds of things. Having a good mind for detail can be handy from time to time, but if you don’t have it, it is of course possible to train it, like any other muscle.

This is best done by training the mind with the help of brainteasers, such as in the puzzle below.

These types of challenges have proven to be very popular online, which is perhaps not so strange as they are often quite difficult and you have to make an effort to solve them.

Now we’ll see if you can handle it!

Which woman is actually not a woman?

In the picture below we can see three women. Or rather, two women, and a man.

One of the three people in the picture is a man, dressed as a woman.

Can you see which of them is the man? Here comes the picture.

Which one is a man?

Can you see it? Look closely and take your time.

A small clue we can give you is that the detail that gives it away is above the shoulders.

The correct answer will be waiting below.

Here is the man

Do you have an answer ready? If not, you should think of one, because below this next picture, comes the answer.

Image source: Pexels

Are you prepared? Here is the answer.

here is the detail

There’s the man, number two!

How do we know that? Well, if we look at the neck of person number two, we can see his Adam’s apple.

this is the man

Now you see it!

Did you solve it by yourself? Congratulations to you in that case!

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