Challenge: Can you find the hidden face in the picture?

At work, you do your best the whole day, no matter what your job is. A high level of concentration means that you can get quite drained after a workday.

The best thing to do when you get home is to relax and heal your mind. There are different ways to exercise the brain, keeping it healthy and ready to start again the next day, my favorite are brainteasers.

I’ve always enjoyed crosswords and sudoku, but lately, I like doing a new type of puzzle, which is about finding a specific detail in a picture.

These kinds of challenges are called optical illusions, or picture puzzles, and have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that I started doing them. To solve them, you must find a certain pattern, object or something else that stands out in a particular picture.

Will need full focus

To find small details, it‘s vital to focus all your senses —  you need to concentrate to the maximum.

You only have 15 seconds, for a more interesting challenge, this adds fun and lets you develop your competitive instinct.

Here is the picture, the challenge lies in finding a face among the stones in the picture. Can you do it?

Challenge 1
Image Source: Youtube

It’s clever, but it makes you struggle! Did you find it? Congratulations, otherwise the answer will be below.

Challenge picture 1 solution
Image Source: Youtube

There’s the face, well hidden, I must say!

Do you see the hidden woman?

Okay, there’s one more, a small bonus, and this one is even harder than the first one so now you really need to focus. Remember, you only have 15 seconds — in the next picture, can you find the hidden woman?

Challenge picture 2
Image Source: Youtube

Did you find her? She is very skilled when it comes to blending with the background. If you can’t see her, check the answer below.

Challenge picture 2 solution
Image Source: Youtube

There! You can see her leg and knee. This was really hard so congratulations if you found it on your own.

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