This simple test will show if you're smarter than average: Can you find the symbol that sticks out?

This simple test will show if you’re smarter than average: Can you find the symbol that sticks out?

Today’s modern society has brought with it a lot of commodities, but like most things, there’s a good and bad side to everything. We can, for example, travel into space, use phones that talk back to us, and make payments or send money in a matter of seconds.

What may be bad in the long run, is that we hardly need to think anymore. Technology makes most decisions and does most of the work for us, and therefore, we direly need brain exercise, now more than ever. At least that’s my opinion – and as soon as I sit down to do a few puzzles and challenges, I notice how my neurons start moving.

It’s important for having a fresh body and mind!

That’s why I thought I’d invite you to a test that will definitely give your brain cells a good workout.

According to the Youtube channel EG Mines, you are smarter than the average if you can complete this 4 puzzles – but regardless of whether or not you believe it, it’s always good to give your brain some exercise!

The challenge’s about finding the emoticons that stand out in the different pictures – and for every puzzle, you only have 10 seconds. If you take more time than that, you are cheating!

Let’s get started right away! Good luck!

1. Find the open padlock emoticon!

padlock emoticons

Did you find it?

Below you can see the answer!

padlock emoticons solution

2. Find the letter G among all sixes!

emoticon 6

Could you find the letter G?

Time for the solution!

emoticon G

3. Find number 609!

Were you able to find it?

Here is the answer!

4. Can you find the boomerang in this last picture?

bananas emoticons

Did you find the emoticon?

Below you can check the solution!

bananas emoticons solution

In any case, were you able to complete at least two of the tests? Then click that SHARE button, and invite your friends to a fun challenge!