Challenge: How many fish remain in the bowl?

Competitions of all kinds are super fun when hanging out with friends and family. It can be anything, from friendly dinner quizzes to sports events. As long as no one takes it too seriously, everyone can enjoy a lovely evening.

Riddles, in particular, have always been something I tried to set time for. Spending a few minutes solving one or two every day ensures that my brain cells have enough exercise.

Nowadays, computers and telephones do most of the critical thinking, leaving only the most draining and repetitive tasks for us. So, to recharge our batteries after a long day of work, it is vital to help the mind with a few brainteasers.

Time to solve a puzzle

Exercising the brain is vital for us to have a healthy and happy life—and for that reason, it is never a bad time to sit down to face a proper challenge.

It can be anything, from crossword puzzles to math problems or even a tricky riddle.

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How many fish are left in the bowl?

I think today’s brainteaser is quite clever. You may remember doing something similar back in school. So let’s see if you can think outside the box after all these years.

Can you handle this mystery?

Now we’ll see how it goes—the puzzle is inside the picture below!

Source: The Laugh Club / Newsner

There are ten fish in a bowl
– 2 drown
– 4 suddenly die
– 3 swim away
How many fish are left in the bowl?

Now take your time. It may not be quite as simple as you think at first glance.

Here is the answer

Please give it a few minutes so that you are sure of your answer.

Below the following picture, you can see the solution!

Image source: Pixabay

The answer: 10 fish remain in the bowl.

Because fish breathe underwater, they can’t drown—and because they are in a bowl, they can’t swim away either. So if any of them died, they would still remain in the bowl.

That is why the question is tricky—how many are left in the bowl? And not how many are still alive.

Did you arrive at the correct answer by yourself? Congratulations then! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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