Challenge: Most people can’t do it – but can you find the puppy hiding in this picture?

Something that has always fascinated humanity is optical illusions.

Any image with a surprise factor qualifies. It can be a drawing, picture, or photo hiding one or many details. Or an image that changes its meaning completely when you turn it upsidedown. Basically, the authors create them to “fool” our eyes, one way or another.

Now let’s see if you can solve a puzzle of this genre!

Do you like to challenge yourself? Maybe you enjoy doing a few brainteasers during your free time?

Such an engaging activity – it’s awesome how easily optical illusions can fool our eyes.

Can you find the puppy?

An image that became an optical illusion by accident has taken the web by storm. We can agree that the unexpected camouflage had a big part to play in this – plus, some creatures have an incredible ability to become one with their surroundings.

This puzzle, which has thousands online tearing their hair out, is a picture of what looks like a park. You see a pathway, grass, trees, and a wooden bench – among other things.

Somewhere in there, however, there is a dog hiding.

Your task – which statistically, most people fail to do – is to find the puppy. Can you do it in under 20 seconds?

Did you manage? For me, it took much longer than 20 seconds.

If you haven’t found the doggie yet, we will crop the picture slightly to help you out.

Can you see where the little devil is hiding now?

find the puppy 1
Photo: Twitter / @muddypaw_co

Another clue for the optical illusion

While some of you may have done it already, there are certainly those who still have not managed to find the puppy.

I can reveal that their “hiding place” has something to do with the bench. Was it easier now?

Well – time to show you the answer. Take one last look before checking it under the next picture.

Here it is, we have circled the dog’s face with a yellow ring.

find the puppy solution
Photo: Twitter / @muddypaw_co

Yes, there’s the puppy! The face is thus visible through the circle in the armrest of the bench.

The person who took this picture really caught the doggie at the right moment! Awesome! It’s like the little rascal is actually trying to hide from us.

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