Challenge: Something is hiding in the picture – but can you see what it is?

Challenge: Something is hiding in the picture – but can you see what it is?

Something that has fascinated us for a long time is optical illusions or picture puzzles. These can push the limits of our brains, however, when things get rough we humans can put on our solution-oriented glasses.

It makes our brain and eyes work together – and that’s good!

In addition, some extra mind exercise never hurts. Trying to look for hidden details to solve a puzzle it’s great for our brain cells!

Distinguishing small items from specific patterns can be tricky. Our eyes sometimes have a tendency to lead our mind to a specific point – and then regular surfaces and designs can give us some peace. At least in my opinion.

Can you see what is hiding?

With that in mind, it’s refreshing to challenge this habit. It’s perhaps best to do this through a magic eye picture. Especially the ones where you need to look for specific details and force your eyes to look beyond the obvious.

Get ready for this test! It’ll be interesting to see how many people can handle it. I was able to see it after about 30 seconds, while my two colleagues – despite long reflection and much frustration – did not find the right answer.

Can you see what is hiding in the picture?

Yes, it’s pretty hard – but don’t give up!

Many times it makes it easier to look as close as you can then pull away slowly without moving your eyes.

You can also try to check from different directions.

Below the picture, we will tell you the answer!

bike is hiding
Public Domain Pictures

It’s a bicycle hiding in the picture!

If you cannot find it, keep trying – there is actually a bike in there somewhere. It covers almost the entire picture.

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