Christmas' Challenge: Can you find the odd Santa Claus?

Christmas’ Challenge: Can you find the odd Santa Claus?

As we approach the middle of December, our heads are occupied with nothing but Christmas stuff. Wrapping the presents, decorating, preparing the food, buying alcohol, and everything in between.

The brain can easily get overworked as it is difficult to keep track of everything. Therefore, it’s healthy to take a short break from all that work and let the brain focus on something else for a bit, such as a good ‘ol brainteaser.

By solving puzzles, you give those brain cells a proper workout, helping you clear your head and letting you jump right back into the Christmas spirit.

I usually love solving a few crossword puzzles, but lately, I have been solving another type of challenge, Optical puzzles. In these challenges, the goal is to find a hidden detail inside an image.

According to the web, only a genius can solve these challenges within 15 seconds. It may be exaggerating a bit, however, it is definitely a hard one to figure out!

As I mentioned above, you must find the symbol that stands out. So it is important to pay attention and focus.

Do you find the odd Santa Claus?

You can only look at the image for 20 seconds if you want to do it under the “genius limit.”

Do you see which Santa Claus in the picture below stands out?

find the odd Santa Claus

Did you manage to see the Santa Claus that’s a bit different? If not, the answer will be after the picture below.


Here is the odd Santa

Did you find him? If you didn’t, no worries. Time to reveal where he is hiding.


There he is, a Santa Claus without a bell! Not quite easy to spot, but now that you know, it probably feels obvious!

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