This picture contains more than just a frog – can you find it? Only a few people can handle this!

Optical illusions, also called picture puzzles, have been around for centuries. Artists have tried to create complex images that show more than what you see at first glance.

They have always fascinated me, looking at a picture and trying to find the hidden detail is an excellent challenge I enjoy thoroughly.

They get, like crosswords or sudoku, my competitive instinct fired up and it won’t calm down until I finish the puzzle.

Lately, I and my colleagues have been challenging each other with this kind of puzzles — it’s an intense competition back at the office, which is very fun!

Can you find the figure, other than the frog?

The picture is very old and maybe you have seen it without thinking about it very much.

But the fact is that it contains more than just a frog.

The challenge lies in finding the other figure. It will require a lot of creativity and a sharp eye, but here it goes. Below is the picture.

Frog picture puzzle

Did you find it? Congratulations if so, there are few who can handle this challenge.

For those who failed, check the answer below.

Frog picture puzzle solution

With a little creativity, as I said; if you turn the picture 90 degrees, a horse will appear instead of the frog.

Can you see the hidden faces?

Okay, we’re giving it another try!

This time try to find the two hidden faces in the next picture. Will you be able to find them?

Man picture puzzle

The faces are well hidden, but you can surely find them, just need to focus. If you can’t, we’ll tell you the answer below.

Man picture puzzle solution

In the man’s forehead and on his shirt there are two faces that are really hard to detect!

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