Only a few people pass this test: How many Q’s can you see in this picture?

To solve quizzes and puzzles is something that I started to appreciate after becoming older.

Who knows — it may have something to do with the fact that technology has made our lives much easier. So we have to find new ways to exercise our brain.

I think it’s good for us to sit down every day and take a break — that way we can let the brain work in different and new ways.

I really had to concentrate to complete this puzzle!

Quizzes, riddles, sudoku, crosswords, pictures and math puzzles really get your brain working. Usually, it’s about finding a little detail in a broader context — and only after finding that important piece, it’s possible to complete the challenge.

Useful for us

Sometimes you have to sit and really think, occasionally you get the correct answer right away.

It depends on the day, some are better than others, I think this kind of exercise, which as I said, you may not be doing a lot of in this technological era, is really useful for us.

I found this puzzle (below) yesterday; I tested it on 3 of my colleagues — and none of them got it right on the first try. So I thought it might be fun to share it with you!

It’s a puzzle that challenges your eyes and brain! It’s important to focus and give it your best shot!

How many Q’s can you find?

In this picture, a certain number of Q’s is hidden among all the O’s. However, the question is how many?! You only have 10 seconds to try to find them all. So how many Q’s are in this picture?

How many Qs can you find

Now make sure you decide on a number! How many Q’s did you find?

I hope you didn’t take longer than 10 seconds because it gets much easier if you do it without the time pressure!

Below, you can see where all Q’s are! They are marked in white and below the picture is the correct number!

There are 9 Q’s in the picture!

Did you find more than 5? Then you did a good job! Press the share button so you can challenge your friends!