These numbers look completely normal, but something is very wrong: Can you spot it on the first try?

Our brains have an amazing ability of playing tricks on us when we’re faced with unusual and unexpected situations. We humans are great at making predictions and seeing patterns – but that also means that when something doesn’t match our expectations, we often miss it completely.

Lately, brain teasers and interesting puzzles have gotten more and more popular online. It’s great fun to challenge yourself, and then share them with your friends to find out who’s the sharpest tool in the shed!

Not everyone can solve this tricky test on their first try. If you take your time, then you’ll probably make it, but if you make it a timed challenge, then things get considerably harder. Try and see if you can solve this one in under 20 seconds!

Below is a number sequence from 1 to 53, but two numbers are missing. Your mission is to find out which ones!

Prove your skill

I have to admit that I didn’t make it on the first try – and neither did my coworkers! Now it’s up to you to prove that you’re more skilled than me. Ready, set, go!

Like I said, I didn’t make it on the first try. But then I had a long second look, and I eventually managed to find the missing numbers!

Below is the answer in two separate images.

The first missing number is 11.

The second missing number is 32.

So if you noticed the numbers 11 and 32 missing, then congratulations – you passed the test!

If you passed the test, press the share button below to challenge your friends! A little brain exercise never hurt anyone!