Mind Test: How many triangles can you spot in this picture?

For every year that goes by, the days when we went to school get further and further away, alongside the knowledge we acquired back then. It is difficult to recall all that information, especially when it comes to math. But honestly, how many times have you used the Pythagorean theorem since you finished school?

However, math problems can be a great way to keep your brain sharp – because what better way to give your mind a good workout than a good ‘ol puzzle?

Solving brainteasers on the regular is always good for the mind, especially when you get older. In addition, it is fun to challenge friends and family to see who can solve a test faster!

Wherever you look today, you see tips on how to keep your body healthy or lose weight. Exercises that tell you what to do and how many times. However, they usually skip over our most important “muscle”. Namely the brain.

Keeping the mind in shape is just as important as doing it so for the rest of the body. But that is where brainteasers come in.

Of course, thanks to the internet, there are millions of challenges waiting for you. From easy to nearly impossible, there is something for everyone.

The most common tests might be crossword puzzles and sudoku, but lately, things related to math and finding hidden objects have become more popular.

Time to count and find the answer

The puzzle we have for you today is a fun one, not too difficult but not easy either. The perfect balance, at least in my opinion.

To solve it, it is important to think outside the box and pay attention to all the small details.

How many triangles?

Here comes the challenge. It is not really a math problem, but I remember doing something similar during geometry lessons.

Below, in the image – there is a question: how many triangles can you count?

How many triangles?
Image Source: The Laugh Club

How many did you manage to find? The answer comes after the picture below.

School brainteaser

Here is the solution

Did you have enough time to pick an answer? Time to check if you got the correct solution!

The answer is 13 triangles, so alternative C.

First, we have nine small triangles, then three slightly larger triangles made by combining four of the small ones, and finally, a large one comprising all the triangles in the picture.

9 + 3 + 1 = 13.

Did you get it right? Congratulations to you in that case. Well done!

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