Most adults fail this simple math test – but can you figure out the right answer?

Every now and then, it’s good to challenge your brain in a new way. Sitting behind the computer at your job, or taking it easy in front of the TV, is a common routine – and therefore it may be useful to take a nostalgic trip back to middle school from time to time.

Capital cities, biology, grammar, and mathematics tend to disappear as you grow older; and to fix that, I thought I would share with you these 2 math problems I found the other day.

Now we’ll see how much you remember from the math lessons back in school!

Most of us can do addition and subtraction easily, even if it’s over 3 or 4 figures. It’s something embedded into our subconscious. However, when other variables are introduced, it can get considerably more difficult.

You have 3 options

What should you solve first? What’s the easiest way to solve this math test? Can you do it mentally or do you need a paper?

Yes, there are many issues that can circulate around your head when attempting to solve more advanced math from back in school.

Now it is time to see how much you remember – it’s important to know exactly where to start when the math test involves different methods of operations. To make it easier for you, we’ll give you 3 different options.

Good luck!

math test

Did you find the correct answer?

Make sure you started from the right place – just solving straight from left to right can easily mess you up.

Below we will present the correct answer.

But first, take another look!

math test 1 solution

In short, the correct answer is 7.

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Here comes the second math test!

Either you can have your revanche, or you can keep the momentum and solve both problems!

Will you be able to figure out the answer?

math test 2

Were you successful?

Important, as I said, that you started in the right place.

Below you can see the correct answer.

First, take another look just in case!

math test 2 solution

The correct answer is 26.

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