Most adults get it wrong: Can you solve this equation in your head?

Brainteasers, something all the family can enjoy. They help you let go of everyday problems and reset the mind โ€“ from solving crossword puzzles to playing games with your grandchildren. 

I love to look online for new and more complex puzzles. There is an excellent variety to pick from: riddles, visual puzzles, memory games โ€“ the options are endless. With that in mind, I wanted to invite you to a good challenge today!

We use math to a greater extent than we might think, and you always make small calculations in your head. However, they are often of simple ones, a single addition or multiplication on its own, for example.

Refresh your memory

The harder math equations you learned to solve back in school have been long forgotten. That is exactly why we think these types of challenges, like the one found below, are perfect. They give us the chance to remember our old math skills, which, after all, are still there, buried on the back of our minds.

Solve the equation in your head

Here we have a simple math equation, it is important, however, to keep track of the order of operations you learned in school. It’s crucial to complete the task. Below you can see the problem.

The Laugh Club

Do you remember how to solve it? If not, we’ll show you the answer after the image below.

Image source: Pexels

Here is the correct answer

equation solution
The Laugh Club

The solution to the equation is 1. How did we get that result, you ask?

The first part of the problem to solve is the multiplication: 1 x 2.

Then all that remains is: 1 + 1 + 1 – 2 – 0. Which means 3 – 2, and that equals 1.

In the end, solving this equation is quite easy. However, you must start by calculating the multiplication โ€“ and not everyone remembers that.

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