Most people can’t do it โ€“ but try to find the error in this picture

Currently, thanks to the pandemic, we find ourselves with more time in our hands. It’s honestly quite weird, and a bit scary. However, it’s a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones and try to close the generation gap a little. 

What is the best middle ground? Something you’re never too old, or young, to have fun with. 

One of the best answers is brainteasers, sitting together and solving some riddles, puzzles or even playing board games is a great way to have fun together โ€“ they tickle your competition instinct and give your brain a good work out.

Of course, you also want to make sure you are just as sharp as always!

There are an infinite amount of challenges. Some puzzles are much harder than they look, some help you learn something new and others are just funny โ€“ however, no matter what kind we try to solve, they are useful to exercise your mind in a similar way to meditation. You will probably feel more aware and present when you finish.

Can you find the error in the picture?

Besides, having fun while being healthy is always something to look forward to, right?

With that in mind, I was thinking of inviting you to a fantastic puzzle that I encountered while surfing the net earlier today. It took me a while to solve it – but I thought it was a great challenge. Not too difficult, not too easy, just right.

Your task involves finding the error in the next colored image of a desk.

Can you find the mistake?

error 1
Image: Facebook / SHAREit

Did you see it right away? Did it maybe take you a while? Or have had no luck at all finding the error?

Below we present the correct answer!

pandemic time
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The flaw in the picture is that the small calendar on the left reads “June 31”. However, as most of us know, there are only 30 days in June. Simple, yet clever.

error solution
Image: Facebook / SHAREit

There are some other valid answers โ€“ like pointing out that the keys on the computer and the buttons on the landline phone have no visible symbols on them.

Did you find any error on your own? Great work! Now press that SHARE button below and pass on a fun challenge to your friends!