Most people get it wrong on their first try: How many B’s are hidden in this image?

Most of us have sedentary jobs where we’re sitting in front of a desk all day. And once we do have some time off, it’s easy to end up on the couch or on a lounger in the sun.

We simply don’t move around enough. But an equally big problem is that technology has taken over our everyday lives. Soon we hardly need to think for ourselves, since computers and smartphones do most of our work for us.

That’s why it can be so invigorating to take a break from working or watching TV, and refresh your mind with a different kind of stimulation.

The fun test below is a great example of just that. It’s very simple, and it only takes a few moments to do. But it really activates your brain and makes you focus for a while.

Lately, this type of simple challenge has become more and more common, a trend which I think is absolutely fantastic. We could all use some daily brain exercise!

Below is an image with lots of number 8’s in it. But there are several letter B’s hiding in the sea of numbers – the challenge is to find out how many!

Most people fail

This test is a way to exercise your brain-eye coordination. I think most people can solve this one if they have all day – but the thing is, you only have 10 seconds. The time limit causes most people to fail the challenge on their first try.

Now, I wish you good luck! How many B’s can you find in this image? Ready, set and go!

Let’s see how you did! As mentioned previously, very few people get it right on their first try due to only having 10 seconds. I have to admit that I didn’t quite manage to spot them all!

See below for the answer key with all B’s marked in red:

The right answer is that there are 9 B’s in the image!

Press the share button if you found at least 5 B’s – if so, great job! Send this on to your friends to give them their daily brain exercise!