New Challenge: Can you find the cat in this picture?

New Challenge: Can you find the cat in this picture?

Brainteasers are an excellent way to keep the mind alert and sharp, just like a jog around the neighborhood helps the body stay in shape.

However, we often forget to take a break from our busy adult lives. But remember that keeping your brain sharp doesn’t take that long.

The puzzle below takes only a few minutes, but it gives the brain a proper workout.

Today we can find anything online. Tricky puzzles are no exception.

Choose and pick

You can now choose among millions of puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. It doesn’t really matter what type of puzzle you engage in, as long as it’s some good ‘ol brainteasing, like the one below.

Can you find the cat?

Below we can see a picture of a stack of wood, or rather a part of it.

But somewhere in the picture, a little cat is hiding.

Can you find the cat? Here is the picture.

Image source: Twitter

Can you see the little devil? If not, we’ll report the answer below.

Here’s the kitten

The cat is very well hidden, so don’t feel bad if you were not able to find them.

Here comes the solution.

Image source: Twitter

There it is! Very difficult to see, as I said.

Here is the picture again, enlarged. Now it should be easier to see it.

Image source: Twitter

If you found the cat, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Now press that share button below and challenge your friends to a fun puzzle today!