None of my friends could do this – but can you find the odd symbol out?

None of my friends could do this – but can you find the odd symbol out?

To me, brainteasers are the best way to kill time. You immerse yourself into the puzzle, shut out the world, and concentrate on overcoming the challenge lying in front of you, whether it’s crosswords or sudoku.

Of course, you are constantly using your brain during the day, but puzzles help ease the fatigue your brain suffers at work. It’s a different type of exercise for the mind that helps it heal and stay in shape.

Recently, I’ve been attracted to a new kind of puzzle. It’s called optical puzzles or picture puzzles, to solve them, you need to find one symbol that stands out from the rest.

Concentrate very hard

The three puzzles below share the same principle. In the picture, you can see a lot of symbols that look the same — except for one. You have 15 seconds to find it, so look carefully and concentrate very hard.

Here is the first picture. Can you find the odd symbol out? Remember, you only have 15 seconds.

Image Source: Youtube

Did you find the icon that stands out? If not, here (below) you can see the solution.

Symbol solution1
Image Source: Youtube

There, on the second from the bottom row to the right, the man has his tongue out!

Here comes the next 15 seconds challenge. Try to find the pig that‘s different from the others!

Image Source: Youtube

Congratulations if you found it! Great job!

If you didn’t find it, check the solution below.

Symbol22 solution
Image Source: Youtube

On the middle row to the right, you can see a cute little pig with a heart-shaped nose!

Okay, here’s the third and final challenge. Can you find the little pirate that stands out?

Symbol 3
Image Source: Youtube

Did you find it? If yes, nice!

Was it too difficult? No problem, here is the answer!

Symbol 3 solution
Image Source: Youtube

Where? To the left in the 4th row, there’s a pirate who looks more like a little devil!

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