Not all people are able to do it: Can you find the odd symbol out?

Not all people are able to do it: Can you find the odd symbol out?

Exercising the mind is good for our health — that much is obvious. And I don’t mean the exercise you do at work just stressing about that deadline you need to meet. What I’m talking about, is a proper way to heal and sharpen that brain — brainteasers.

Whether it’s crosswords, sudoku or any other puzzle, you have to disconnect from the stress and obligations for a while, and let the mind rest and recover.

Crosswords used to be my favorite — now, instead, I’m attracted to a new kind of puzzle.

In them, you can see a lot of symbols which look the same, except one — the goal is to find it.

Focus all your senses

Below are three picture puzzles: the same rules apply to all of them. First, in a picture with a lot of similar symbols, one of them stands out.

It’s not clear how the icon differs from the others, it may be a small detail so it’s important to focus all your senses.

In addition, you only have ten seconds to find it. This makes things a little harder. In fact, none of the friends I shared the puzzle with could do it.

Here comes the first picture. Can you find which icon stands out? Remember, you only have 10 seconds.

Find the Icon 1
Image Source: Youtube

Did you find the symbol? If not, check answer below.

Find the icon1 solution
Image Source: Youtube

In the middle, you can see a sun without clouds. It’s hard to notice, but it’s the truth!

Onto the next puzzle! In 10 seconds — can you find the odd icon out?

Find the Icon 2
Image Source: Youtube

Here, too, only a small detail sets the symbol apart from the rest. If you, like many others, can’t find it, below is the solution.

Find the Icon 2 Solution
Image Source: Youtube

Close to the bottom right corner, a smiling little cheese!

Third and final challenge. In ten seconds — find the odd symbol. Can you handle it? Here is the picture.

Find the Icon 3
Image Source: Youtube

Was it too difficult? No worries, here comes the answer!

Find the Icon 3 solution
Image Source: Youtube

There! In the 4th row to the very right, the chicken it’s still inside the eggshell!

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