One smiley stands out from the rest – almost nobody finds it within 10 seconds: Can you do it?

Lately, I’ve been spending more time solving brain teasers, crosswords, illusions and other challenges that really get the mind going. They keep you sharp and alert, something that’s especially important in this day and age, where technology does most of our work for us.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated or hard. The important thing is to exercise your brain for a short while – and making things a bit competitive adds an extra element of fun.

The picture below is a perfect example of a welcome break from our everyday routine and work. Staring at a screen all day can be exhausting, and most of us need a different way of stimulating our minds every once in a while.

Solving optical illusions, picture puzzles and mind teasers makes your brain practice working together with your eyes.

Most people can’t solve this puzzle in 10 seconds, according to youtube channel EG Mines. I made it just in time – but this one isn’t as easy as it looks!

A special detail

This picture contains 152 smiling emojis. However, one of them is a little bit happier than the other ones. It slightly stands out from the rest, but it’s not easy to find. Try to look for any different details!

So then, here we go. Can you find the smiley that stands out from the rest? You’ve got 10 seconds. Aaaand, go!

Did you manage to find the unique emoji within 10 seconds?

The answer is listed below. Look inside the red circle – one smiley has bigger eyes than the rest.

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