Only 1 in 5 people can find the odd one out – are you one of them?

If there’s something that we need in today’s technology-filled society, it’s new, fun and easy ways to stimulate the brain. Just like any other muscle, it will get weaker if we stop using it, and that can affect our lives quite drastically.

Therefore, ways to exercise the mind every day are welcomed — with the added benefit that you feel fresher when those neurons have been working. When it comes to a test or a challenge, it’s also a lot of fun.

To be competitive is not wrong! Right?!

When completing an optical puzzle, the eyes and brain must work together. Usually, it’s about finding the hidden object — and not being able to do it can be very upsetting.

Under 10 seconds

At the same time, such things fascinate people — life isn’t supposed to be easy, and to overcome a challenge is what make us feel alive. That’s why I would like to share 2 puzzles that I think will make you struggle!

According to the Youtube channel EG Mines, only 1 in 5 can get it correctly right away — and I understand why. You need to have an eye for detail and that’s not something everyone has!

You have to find the symbol that stands out from the rest! On the first one, which hand looks different? See if you can spot it!

Can you do it in under 10 seconds?

Spot the symbol

Where you able to do it? Keep in mind that most people can’t, below you can see the answer!

One of the hands does not have the same gap between the fingers, the hand in the red circle it’s different!

One more try!

Now you have to find the couple that stands out! Again, you have 10 seconds to do it!

Spot the symbol 2

Were you successful? Remember, most people can’t do it under 10 seconds, below we’ll show you the answer!

One of the couples is two women – while the others are a woman and a man!

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