Only a few people get it right: Can you see what’s wrong in this picture?

We are still on lockdown thanks to the coronavirus COVID-19, while we spend most of our time at home. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all our doctors, nurses, officers, and other essential workers for their service, and for defending our country at the front lines. The best we can do for them is to avoid contact with others as much possible, so stay strong and stay inside my friends.

With that said, it’s definitely a great opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t have time to do otherwise. For example, washing the windows, clearing out the closet, fixing parts of your home, etc.

But eventually, you’ll run out of projects to keep you busy. The biggest enemy of this quarantine is boredom. However, there are ways to pass the time, other than consuming television programs you don’t care about or re-reading your favorite book.

One activity that is both healthy and pleasing, which is a great combination, is sitting down to solve some good ‘ol brainteasers.

A light workout for the brain

Exercising your mind regularly is like going for a jog, but for the brain. You feel a bit sharper and fresher afterward.

Brainteasers come in many shapes, from math problems to puzzles and riddles.

Finding a specific detail

Any challenge that makes you forget about your worries and responsibilities is a good brainteaser. Hopefully, the one we got for you today fits that category.

These types of puzzles have become very popular during the quarantine. Every day more and more are shared on Facebook to fight boredom.

The goal is quite simple, you need to find an error or specific detail in an image. However, it’s often hard to do because the author created the image to fool your brain and make it as hard as possible to find what we are looking for.

Can you see what’s wrong?

Here is today’s challenge. The picture puzzle below has a mistake. Can you find it?

These two men are walking in the desert, however, there’s something wrong with this picture.

Did you see it? Congratulations on that case!

Below we’ll show you the correct answer, so you can check that you are right or see it if you didn’t find it on your own.

The right answer

In the picture below, we can see the correct answer.

An open desert and strong sun, but no shadows?

The creator of the picture left out the shadows!

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