Very few people get this right: How many pens do you see?

Very few people get this right: How many pens do you see?

Something that you never get too old for is overcoming challenges.

Puzzles, quizzes, and logical problems really make our neurons move – and it’s not just fun, but also useful. Exercising your mind regularly heals your body and brain.

My mother always solves crosswords for an hour every day, and she claims it keeps her young. I think there is some truth in that. If the brain is healthy, then the body’s vitality follows along!

This type of challenges has always attracted me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be deceiving or complicated stuff. A math problem or test is fine – the important thing is that you enjoy yourself and race against your friends to see who overcomes the challenge first.

This clever picture (below) that I found on the Swedish Facebook page Technology Palace earlier today – got my brain working full steam. To solve it, you have to concentrate and focus all your senses.

How many pens do you see?

I looked up a lot of similar challenges and even if you get four options to choose from; the majority seems to get it wrong on the first attempt – at least if you stick to doing it under 10 seconds.

It’s a simple task that doesn’t present a lot of difficulties, but for some reason, it’s difficult to figure out the right answer!

Now the question is: Can you do it?

How many pens are in this picture?

How many pens
Technology Palace

The options are likely to help you, but you still have to do some quick counting if you are to get the right answer!

Now make sure you decided on options A, B, C or D!

Below the picture, we will show you the correct answer!

Are you smart enough?

The right answer is option C, there are 10 pens!

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