Only a “real genius” can pass this test in 15 seconds: Can you find the odd Santa out?

Exercising the brain is just as important to us as exercising the body.

Just like after going to the gym, you always feel better after working the mind.

It’s also very good for the memory to keep the brain active with different types of exercises.

I have a weakness for crosswords, but in recently I’ve found myself attracted to another type of puzzles, particularly those where the challenge is to find a detail or an object in an image.

According to the site Mind Checker, who made these puzzles, only a genius can complete these challenges in under 15 seconds. It might be a little bit exaggerated, but it’s still not an easy task!

Therefore, you need to find the symbol that stands out from the others. Because of that, it’s important to focus and look carefully.

Which Santa is different?

You only have 15 seconds to complete the “Genius challenge”.

Do you see what Santa in the picture below is different from the rest?

Odd Santa
Image Source: Youtube

Were you able to find the odd symbol out?

Below we will show you the solution!

Odd Santa solution
Image Source: Youtube

There is a Santa without a bell! Not easy to see!

Find the odd snowman out

Then it’s time for puzzle number two!

Exactly the same rules here — find the one that’s different. In this case, a snowman!

Odd snowman
Image Source: Youtube

Did you find the different snowman in 15 seconds? If not, you can see the answer below.

Odd snowman solution
Image Source: Youtube

In the middle row to the very right, there he is, with a straight arm!

One symbol is not like the others

Here comes the final challenge — can you find the odd symbol out?

Odd Symbol
Image Source: Youtube

Did you find the symbol that stands out? The answer is shown below!

Odd symbol solution
Image Source: Youtube

Surely they were hard but fun. Right? It really gets that brain working, as I said!

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