Only a trained eye is able to solve this challenge: Can you find all the horses in this picture?

Horses are one of the most beautiful creatures in this world. Fast, powerful, loyal and friendly. A horse is a superb companion, simply.

Perhaps that’s why this optical illusion fascinated us so much. Humans like both challenges and horses — here you get both at once!

This challenge, painted by the artist Bev Doolittle, dates back to 1978. She found inspiration, for the painting, while traveling through the South with her husband.

Can you find all the horses?

The painting is as beautiful as it is exciting and has fascinated people since it appeared in the ‘70s: how many horses can you see in the picture?

She painted the image in colors that make it difficult to estimate the exact number of horses, and few can find them all on the first try.

Can you handle this challenge? In the picture, shown below — how many horses can you see?

find all the horses

How many did you find?

Below is the solution.

find all the horses 2

In total, there are five horses in the picture! Four on the right side of the image and another one far out to the left.

There may be one more

However, some claim to see another horse in the picture. Supposedly up top, higher on the mountain, check it below.

find all the horses 3

I only see five horses and if you found them all, congratulations! That was not an easy feat.

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