Only a “true genius” can solve this: Do you see the odd symbol?

If there’s something I can never get enough of, that is brainteasers!

It’s like exercising your body — afterward, you feel fresh and more alert. It’s good to exercise your brain every day, from solving a quiz to a crossword or even an optical illusion. The brain loves to be challenged.

Puzzles fascinate me, to solve them, your eyes and brain must work together. The harder the challenge, the better it feels to overcome it. Therefore, I would like to share with you 3 of the most difficult puzzles I could find!

According to EG Mines, only a true genius that can handle these tests. While we aren’t sure if that’s true, what we can tell is that It’s at the very least difficult. However, if you focus and move those neurons, I bet you can do it!

Good luck!

Find the odd emoticon out

You have 10 seconds for each picture, so don’t cheat! If you do, it might get too easy!

Your challenge now is to find the speaker that looks different in this picture! Will you succeed?

Find the speaker emoticons

Were you able to find the emoticon that stands out?

If not, you can see the solution below!

Solution speakers

Time for the next challenge!

Same principle here — find the sun that stands out. You have 10 seconds!

Sun emoticons

Did you manage to find it? The emoticon in the picture that sticks out!

Below, we’ll show you where it is!

Sun emoticons solution

Time for the third and final challenge!

Remember now that only one genius can complete all 3 challenges!

Can you find the odd clock out?

Clock emoticons

I thought this was the hardest one. How about you?

Below, you will find the correct answer!

Clock emoticon solution

Did you complete at least 1 of the puzzles? Good job! Press the share button so you can pass on this fun challenge to your friends!