Only geniuses will find the number in this picture

Something that helps me clear my mind and freshen up is a good brainteaser, it can be just reading some riddles, or even trying to find the number or character in an image.

We must remember, our minds need exercise just as much as the rest of the body. It is arguably the most important muscle we possess.

Back in the day, the easiest puzzles to come across were crossword and sudoku, thanks to newspapers and magazines. Today, with the internet, you have an infinite number of challenges at your disposal.

The puzzle below has been around for a while โ€“ causing plenty of people around the world to blow a fuse trying to figure it out. There is no need to do math or connect the dots here, it is just an optical illusion.

Focus your senses

Optical illusions, also known as visual puzzles, have enticed people for centuries. Usually, they comprise a picture hiding details or figures from plain sight, and to be able to see them, one must concentrate. If you can focus your senses, however, the task should be fairly easy.

Can you see the hidden number?

Here is the challenge of the day. Below is a picture that looks like a simple pattern. But inside, a number, consisting of multiple digits, is hiding. Your challenge is finding it. Here is the picture.

find the hidden number

Did you find the number? It’s far from simple, but if you look carefully, it will show up. If you can’t find it, check the solution below.

Here is the answer

You didn’t find the number? No worries, many people have a hard time finding the digits in this image. Below you can see the picture with the numbers darkened out.

find the number solution

There it is, the number 3316!

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