Only geniuses can find the correct answer in less than 1 minute

When we hear the word “brainteasers,” most of us probably think of crosswords or sudoku, because that’s what usually comes in newspapers or magazines. But if you want to exercise your mind, thanks to the internet, there are puzzles and riddles everywhere!

Remember back in school, when class turned into a math showdown? Or when the teacher gave you a few tricky math problems, with the promise of leaving early if you solved them quickly?

If you were to do the same thing today, chances are it would take much longer to solve those problems โ€“ or not?

Order of operations?

On the web today, math tests have gotten trendy, causing adults to scratch their heads and wonder if they have ever really been able to do this. But if you think about it, all you have to do is remember the order of operations and then you’ll be able to solve any simple equation.

Find the correct answer โ€“ in less than a minute

Here we have today’s challenge. Below you can see a picture with an equation, and four possible answers. Only one option is correct โ€“ but can you figure out which one, in less than a minute? On to the challenge then.

find the correct answer
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How did it go? Think about it properly so you don’t make a mistake! Below, after this picture, you’ll see the correct answer.

Here is the correct answer

The correct answer is B: 12.

But how do we know 12 is the correct answer?

For starters, we have to calculate the multiplication,  3 x 3,  which equals 9.

Then we have the number  3 + 9 – 3 + 3  which results in 12.

So the answer is 12.

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