Only the best minds solve this tricky challenge: Which glass will fill up first?

Something I can never get too much of is brainteasers.

During the day, our minds are constantly filled with a ton of information, from work or school for example. Therefore, sometimes it’s good to sit down and heal the brain with some exercises.

It’s also fun to challenge yourself. I don’t know about you, but I have a great competitive instinct that needs to train a few times during the week. So it’s perfect to give yourself a challenge you can overcome.

Testing our limits with crosswords, puzzles, riddles, or other challenges is always fun. For the last year, I have done them more often and I think it’s beneficial to one’s health.

Which glass will fill up first?

Earlier today I encountered this puzzle — and it’s at a reasonable level. Not too simple, not too difficult. You will probably get it right if you look long enough, but the challenge is to solve it as soon as possible.

Now the question is whether you can find the right solution and also how long it will take you!

In the picture below, wine pours into a pipe system that goes out to 4 different glasses. You need to figure out which of the glasses will fill up first!

which glass gets full first
Photo: The Technology Palace

Did you solve it?

If you are not sure, then here we explain the solution:

which glass gets full first sol
Photo: The Technology Palace

– Is not Glass 1 since the last tube toward the glass is closed at the beginning.

– Not glass 2 because the last tube toward the glass is closed at the end.

– Neither glass 4, the last tube toward the glass is closed in the middle.

– The answer is: Glass 3 is the first one to fill up since it’s the only glass that gets any wine.

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