Optical Challenge: Can you find all the faces in this picture?

Optical Challenge: Can you find all the faces in this picture?

We use our brains all the time. During the day, we use it to work or study, and during the night, our mind is at work projecting our dreams.

Arriving at home and leaving work behind by focusing on something completely different is great for the mind. “But how do we do that?” You might ask. With Brainteasers, of course!

Perhaps the most common ones are sudoku or crossword puzzles, but if you look around online, you’ll find challenges for all tastes and skills.

With that said, a new type of puzzle has been gaining a lot of traction online lately. The objective is to find hidden details inside an image.

These challenges go by the name of optical illusions, and even though their popularity has been on the rise in recent years, they have been around for a long time. 

Time to concentrate

The concept of the next challenge is quite straightforward. To solve it, all you have to do is find something out of place, a certain detail, or anything else that stands out.

Since you might have to find several details, it is important to focus – oh, and there is also a time limit.

You only have 15 seconds, which makes the whole thing a bit more challenging, but all the more fun to overcome it with your skills.

How many faces can you find?

The challenge is to find the faces hiding among the stones in the image. How many can you see?

Find all the faces

It’s quite tricky, but if you put in the effort, I know you can do it!

Did you find all the faces? Congratulations then, otherwise the answer will be below.


Here is the solution

Here is the correct answer.

There it is! A single face is hidden in the picture and it is quite hard to spot, at least I think so!

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