Optical Puzzle: Where is the kitten hiding?

Having a pet it’s one of the best feelings in the world! It’s like having an extra family member. You cuddle, exercise, laugh, and fool around with them just as you would do with your closest family members.

If you are a cat lover, you also know that the little devils can hide quite well and end up appearing when you least expect it.

Take the picture below, for example—a cat is hiding really well in a kitchen, and it is almost impossible to see where. But can you spot it?

Cats love to look around and keep track of their surroundings.

They explore everything around them, so you can sometimes find them in the most unexpected places.

An online post

Online, it is now trendy to post pictures of cats hiding in strange places, and see if anyone else can discover their hiding spot.

With that in mind, today’s challenge involves one such picture.

To have a chance to find the cat, you must really bring out your A-game.

Can you find the cat?

Now it’s time to put your sight to the test.

In the picture below, a small kitten is hiding. Can you see exactly where?

Here is the picture.

brain exercise
Image source: Twitter

It’s really not easy to find the cat, but it is somewhere in the picture, so now focus properly.

If you can’t find the cat, we will reveal the answer below.

Here’s the kitten

Okay, now it’s time to reveal where the cat is hiding.

Are you prepared? Here is the solution.

find the kitten
Image source: Twitter

There’s the little kitten! Behind the microwave, you can see its ears popping out.

Here is a zoomed-in image that makes it even easier.

Image source: Twitter

Did you find the cat on your own? Congratulations on that case!

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