People are trying to find which dog sticks out

One of my favorite ways to kill time are good ‘ol puzzles. Nothing it’s more fun than challenging yourself with a good test. Putting that brain of yours to work regularly is a great way to keep a healthy mind.

Remember, the brain is a muscle, and like the rest of them, if you don’t train it often it becomes weak.

When it comes to old school mindteasers, most of us think of the puzzles that came on the back of the newspaper, I believe crosswords and sudoku used to be the most popular.

However, since the internet became a thing, there is an infinite number of tests and puzzles to choose from. Like the one we have below, for example.

Focus your senses

Today’s challenge doesn’t involve math or critical thinking, what this test requires is for you to focus your senses, especially your eyes. If you have a good eye for detail, this challenge will be a walk in the park.

Can you find the dog that stands out?

As I said, it’s important to focus your senses. Find the dog that stands out from the other two in the picture below.

Which dog stands out?

Did you find the detail? It’s far from simple, but if you look carefully you will find it.

If you can’t make it then the answer will follow below.

Here is the dog that stands out

Okay, here in the picture below we will point out the answer.

The corgi on the right doesn’t look like the others! He has no eyebrows!

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