Puzzle: Only a few people can find all the triangles in this image

Now that it’s cold and dark outside, nothing feels as tempting as wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket while solving a few puzzles on the couch. Doing some brainteasers will get your mind some much-needed exercise.

Besides, a few mental tests will help your brain rest from daily worries and responsibilities. You will feel much sharper and refreshed after!

Puzzles don’t have to be only the ones you see in the morning newspaper, thanks to the internet, the challenges to pick from are infinite.


Below you can see a puzzle that almost takes you back to when you used to do assignments for school. Learning geometry was quite difficult, at least for me.

To complete this challenge, you must concentrate and try to think outside the box. If you can do that, this will be a walk in the park for you.

Find all the triangles in this picture

Below is today’s puzzle. In the picture we see a bunch triangles forming a square, filled with different colors.

The challenge: find all the triangles. Here is the picture.

find all the triangles

How many triangles did you find? Be sure to look carefully at the picture before giving up. Below the next image, we will reveal the answer.

Image source: Pexels

There are a lot of triangles

How many triangles did you find?

The correct answer is 44!

Did you find all the triangles?

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