Solve this problem without a calculator – by remembering the rules of operation

If there is something that can help you wind down, it’s a good ‘ol brainteaser. These little tests come in various flavors – from crossword puzzles and sudoku to board games between the whole family.

I enjoy finding new challenges online. Thanks to the internet, we can’t really complain about variation. Riddles, visual puzzles, memory challenges – the sky is the limit.

So with all that in mind. I thought it would be nice to invite you to a fun test today!

We use mathematics to a greater extent than we might think. We automatically make small calculations in our heads, however, they are often the simple ones. Adding two or three numbers together, or multiplying them by a single digit.

Remember the rules of math

For slightly more challenging math, back in school, you had to learn the rules of operation. And the puzzle found below is designed to test how much you remember from back then. It gives us the chance to refresh our aged brains and dig down to get back this vital information.

Solve the problem inside your head

Here is a math problem that is, honestly, quite simple. However, you must keep track of the rules of operation. What to solve first and what to do last. Concentrate as much as possible so you can solve the challenge below.

rules of operation

Do you remember the correct method? If not, we’ll show you the solution below.

Here is the correct answer

Do you have your answer ready? Then compare it to the correct answer after the next picture.


The correct answer is 1.

How do we arrive at that conclusion? You may ask.

According to the rules in the order of operation, you have to start by solving the multiplication 1 x 2.

Then you just have to start solving the remaining part of the problem from left to right: 1 + 1 + 1 – 2 – 0

To make it easier, we solve the remaining numbers into:

3 – 2, which of course, totals 1.

The solution will eventually become easy to come up with. However, you must start by calculating the multiplication – and not everyone remembers that simple fact.

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