Solve this tricky riddle: How many eggs are left at the end?

Solving a few brainteasers every day is always good for your health. The mind will feel a bit clearer once we dedicate a few minutes to a puzzle.

No matter how tired you are after a busy day of work or school. it is vital to give the brain time to rest and recharge. In addition, regular exercise never hurts as long as you do it in moderation.

Brainteasers don’t have to be lengthy and complex sudoku challenges. Thanks to the internet, millions of tests of all difficulties are at the reach of our fingertips.

Time to face a challenge

Like the challenge below, for example, which lately has been gaining a lot of traction on social media.

The riddle below has left hundreds of people tearing their hair out because they can’t manage to find the solution.

It’s quite tricky, but I know you can solve it if you focus and take your time.

How many eggs do I have left?

Here comes the challenge. Below, we can see a picture.

Here is the riddle:

I have six eggs.
I break two,
I cook two,
And I eat two.
How many eggs do I have left?

Can you come up with a solution? Think carefully, and read the riddle a few more times. Once you choose your answer, we’ll show you the correct one after the picture below.


Here is the correct answer

The correct answer is 4.

Why? Well, let’s start with six eggs.

We break two, which then we fry and proceed to eat. So we have four left. But the question is deceptively written to make you think that every action consumed an individual pair of eggs. Clever, right?

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